Read the datacontext properties from a DataTemplate

Read the datacontext properties from a DataTemplate

We already know how is powerful xaml to define an UI in a project. In my experience, borne from WPF, I’m still learning stuff because this tool is very powerful and extended.

In these days, while I was working on MeetUp app for UWP I’ve decided to update my github repository DewControls with a new control, the List Selector.
Imagine a frame with a title and a list of voices with a checkbox associated.
That is, very simple, until…

When you setup an ItemsControl with an ItemSource through the binding, the DataContext is automatically the item of the ItemSource for every Item, and this can be a problem if you need to bind something from the original DataContext (maybe a color, a background, etc.).

Let me do some specification, I usually use the x:Bind for the bindings, but to make work this workaround we need to use the classic Binding. this because we need the ElementName search in the layout tree.

However, is better to make something of practice.

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IIS Express executer

IIS Express executer

A pure reality is that Web Development isn’t my favorite job, so, every time I get a new work in WD I try to search new tools to make me work quickly and stressless. This time, under the tips of my friend Splact, I tried Visual Studio Code. Probably the first impact wasn’t the best (I’m coming from Visual Studio 14) but the things are gone better with the great number of extensions.

However, despite the big number of extensions, there wasn’t nothing for who works with IIS express, like me.
There was only an extension that works with iis, but it wasn’t working with the applicationhost file (with the global config for iis) but with the AppData temp files (temporary applicationhost files).

That was a problem, because with temp files you cant change stuff like current directory or site bindings.

So I decided to try a new adventure, make an extension for visual studio code that works with IIS!
The extension is made with TypeScript (that is GREAT!) and let you execute IIS.
You can also choose the current directory for the site, the port, the protocol (http\https), the IIS path (for alternative installation paths), the architecture and the browser (current support MSEdge, Firefox, Opera, Chrome).

You can find the extension in Visual Studio code add-ons repository, or to this link:

IIS-Express executer

All the “how to” you need to know are in the

You can also find the repository on my GitHub


Dew Controls

Dew Controls

Hello everybody.

Today is a good day, just for me obviously (but I hope for you too!! ). I’ve finally published my first repository on GitHub about my UWP controls. I’m still working on it to ampliate the set, but for now we have only:

  • Customizable Hamburger Menu
  • Customizable Toast Message Popup
  • Customizable Loader Message Popup
  • Customizable Dialog Popup

Let me show you some screenshot from my last app (in “publishing” state on windows store and waiting for approval in the API service):

wp_ss_20160809_0001    wp_ss_20160809_0002    wp_ss_20160809_0003    wp_ss_20160809_0004

However those are screenshots from mobile devices, but the controls work perfectly also on tablet\desktop.

Check controls on this page and have fun!