Dew Controls

Dew Controls

Hello everybody.

Today is a good day, just for me obviously (but I hope for you too!! ). I’ve finally published my first repository on GitHub about my UWP controls. I’m still working on it to ampliate the set, but for now we have only:

  • Customizable Hamburger Menu
  • Customizable Toast Message Popup
  • Customizable Loader Message Popup
  • Customizable Dialog Popup

Let me show you some screenshot from my last app (in “publishing” state on windows store and waiting for approval in the API service):

wp_ss_20160809_0001    wp_ss_20160809_0002    wp_ss_20160809_0003    wp_ss_20160809_0004

However those are screenshots from mobile devices, but the controls work perfectly also on tablet\desktop.

Check controls on this page and have fun!

Hello world!

Hello world!

This post hasn’t a specified target. It’s just a presentation. I’ve started to think about this website an year ago.
I love to write, I love to learn and I especially love to teach, so I have thought (and still I think about it) the best way to combine those my three passions.

A website was the best idea I got about this.

I’m still trying to find the best way to combine all my passions with the less time I have (damn, 24h are too few!) but I hope I can dedicate enough time to this site.

Have a nice day!